LED (Light Emitting Diode)

One state of the art phenomena in lighting section which by its exceptional features is in favors of the markets is LED lighting technology.

Whereas, LED sources classified in electronic categories, this make them more stable and efficient against similar electrical products. LED unites irradiate through electron activation in Diodes. LED illumination derived from the technologies which called Solid-State lighting. It is the potential that brilliant efficiency, appearance, and quality of lighting which has already known.

In incandescent lights, the glowing element will emit light as the result of being heated to a high temperature. Therefore, about 90% of the power will provide the heat which will give about 10% illumination output. But in the LED lights, due to their electronic properties, 90% of power will generate the light and 10% of power will provide temperature which will dissipate through a heat sink on the back of the lighting device.

By the markets feedbacks, the LED technology is improving and developing continually. More diversified products with various qualities, prices and applications are coming gradually and taking place in the current fixtures.

Features and Advantages

Save energy to 90%

Durable using time, e.g. 50'000 Hours

Excellent heat dissipation and few temperature flow

No harmful radiation, e.g. UV radiation

Solid state

Fast and soft turn on

No flickering

High brightness and fine light quality

Low light decline

CRI > 70, nearest artificial light to daylight Color Rendering


Interior decoration                                               

Commercial lighting, Advertising

Homes, Villas                                                      

Hotels, Restaurants, Theaters

Financial and Business centers, Shopping Malls       

Offices, Meeting rooms       

Show rooms, Showcases                                       

Art galleries

Residential complexes, Apartments        

Education centers, Libraries, Reading rooms

Medical centers, Hospitals                                 

Factories, Workshops, Warehouses

Airports, Train stations, Parking lots                            

Buses and Trains

Projects, Securities                                                      

Outdoor illuminations

LED and SMD lights are most compatible with Solar and hybrid energy fields.

HP (High Powered) LED

HP LED is the subject of indoor and outdoor lighting. These are against Low Powered types which are the first ones made for colored indicator lights in several electrical and electronic devices applications. HP LED lights apply for area illumination.

SMD (Surface Mounted Diode)

SMD technology replaces chips shape LED modules as lighting source. SMD chips are easier to assembling and have more privileges than HP LED lights in brightness, energy efficiency, life span and beam angles.

COB (Chips on Board)

An innovating LED technology is COB. It has made multi LED chips packaged together as one peace lighting module. COB LED sources increase more lighting area and also generate a lighting glare softer than HP and SMD LED lights.

OLED (Organic LED)

OLED is the latest development in the LED products. In this technology the LED martial is a Carbon-based compound which appears and illuminates as a transparent sheet like a thin film. They are in pendant or on the walls shapes.


















































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