effective power saving method in lighting field, with the scale of about 90%, as Electronic Lighting or Light Emitting Diode (LED). Due to their most attractive features and advantages LED sources are going to take a prior position in the markets. Solid state technology, massive energy saving, durable using time, lack of harmful radiations, low heat generation and good heat dissipation, fine quality light without flickering and fast, safe and soft turning on are the major properties of LED sources. Furthermore the LED technology is developing and producing new types with new designs and applications. It is also possible to provide both the current presented sources and most of existing or customized LED lights on clients admires and orders.

There are also next coming plans for Photovoltaic products and hybrid generators development which are the most graceful sources of power.





Thanks to investment opportunities in the Ras Al Khaimah free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ), located in the United Arab Emirates, one of the international classy trade hubs, Mid Effects FZE applied that to found its business in 2007. These potentials provide feasible terms to have transactions with the world wide relative traders. The firm assigned its objectives coordinated with both clients’ satisfaction and RAK FTZ Authority rules and regulations.

The firm is ready and appreciates association with business partners for whole scale demands and projects procurement in several fields and activities. These processes will happen through a coordinated network which consisted of the reliable manufacturers, shipping corporations and local transportation entities.

With emphasize on loyalty to clients consent and follow up cooperation for whole scale orders and projects procurement, the firm supplies selected products from selected qualified and professional manufacturers which apply R&D and engineered monitoring upon Quality Control departments, the entities that achieved global attribution and acquired quality certifications to bring prominent results.

Even though, the business potentials provide several fields of trade, the main objective of this business is participation in the global movement for the new concepts of sustainable future, energy efficiency, environment protection and controlling the life threats.

Initiatory, as an Energy Efficiency Solution, it presents the most















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